Pavlovsk Museum, Residence of Russian Royal Family

Pavlovsk, former residence of Russian Emperors

Pavlovsk Museum is one of the most splendid museums in Russia. It’s a former residence of the Russian Emperor family. The museum includes the Grand Royal Palace and a surrounding park with marvelous statues and pavilions.

Pavlovsk is a good idea for a 1-day trip from St. Petersburg. I’d even say that 1 day wouldn’t be enough if you want to see everything. The park is too spacious (almost 600 Ha)!

On the outside, the Pavlovsk Palace looks pretty modest, but inside is amazing. You’ll be surprised by lavish interiors: painted ceilings, elaborate parquet, gilded stucco. Unlike many royal palaces, Pavlovsk Palace was not ruined by the Nazis during World War II. Fortunately, nowadays we can admire the richest collections of furniture, sculpture, porcelain, and paintings.

The Palace is surrounded by a huge park. Don’t miss a chance to wander there. You’ll discover splendid tiny pavilions and statues. Don’t forget to bring some nuts and sunflower seeds — local birds and squirrels adore little treats!

Pavlovsky Park is considered one of the best landscape parks not only in Russia but also in Europe. The park lays a picturesque valley of the Slavyanka River. If you come to Pavlovsk in summer, you’ll certainly feel like you’re in a paradise on earth.

Pavlovsky Park has no regular layout. There are no straight paths and cut trees, and its territories resemble more a forest. However, if you look closely, you can see that in ordinary nature trees never grow as they are there – they are artificially planted and maintained.

The Pavlovsk Museum is situated in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. You can visit it by yourself (take a suburban train or a bus to get there). However, if you want to know more about the history of this place, I’d recommend a guided tour.

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