Vyborg — Exploring The Secrets Of A Medieval City

One day visit to Vyborg, Russia

Vyborg is a charming city situated on the western edge of Russia, close to the Finnish border. The city, though Russian, has the unique atmosphere of old European towns. Vyborg is a great place for a one-day trip from the busy life of big cities. It has everything for a nice getaway: picturesque narrow streets in the downtown, a splendid park, plenty of historical monuments, and cosy restaurants serving local food.

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Nowadays Vyborg is a particular place where Finland and Sweden’s cultures meet Russia.

Indeed, as soon as you make your first steps in Vyborg, you’ll realize that the city is a blend of Europe and Russia. As an illustration, humble Soviet-style buildings coexist with elegantly decorated houses. A huge Russian-style monument to Vladimir Lenin stands not far from the minimalistic Scandinavian Alvar Aalto Library.

By the way, Vyborg is situated in the Leningrad Region. This means that if you have an e-visa for visiting Saint Petersburg, you can visit Vyborg too. Russians visit Vyborg to explore the secrets of medieval castles and towers. Finns travel to Vyborg for cheaper food and fuel prices (and undoubtedly because of some nostalgia).

Now come over and discover why you can’t miss touring Vyborg!


Vyborg is situated in Leningrad Region. The city has no airport but it is easily reachable by land. The best way to visit Vyborg is to take a train or bus from St Petersburg.

By bus. Buses depart daily from 2 St. Petersburg’s bus stations:
— Bus station Parnas (metro station Parnas)
— Bus station at 46, Obvodny Canal Embankment.
The ride takes 2-2.5 hours. Price: 8USD.

By suburban train. The trains depart from Finland railway station in St. Petersburg every hour.
The ride takes 2 hours. Price: 7USD.

By express train Lastochka. The trains depart daily from Finland railway station in St. Petersburg.
The ride takes 1 hour. Price: 8USD.

Vyborg Castle and the tower of Saint Olaf are symbols of the city
Vyborg Castle and the tower of Saint Olaf are the symbols of Vyborg


1. Vyborg Castle, the symbol of the city

The medieval Castle is the heart of Vyborg. The castle is more than a 700-year-old fortress which amazes with its massive St. Olaf’s Tower and stone buildings. There’s a historical museum inside the fortress. Besides, if you‘re looking for scenic views, climb to the top of the Tower.

2. Clock Tower and the ruins of the Old Cathedral

The Clock Tower was recently restored. Now we can finally admire the simple beauty of this medieval building. The clock is very accurate. The Tower was supposed to be the bell tower of a large cathedral.

Unfortunately, the cathedral doesn’t exist anymore. Going around the Clock Tower, I’ve seen the red brick ruins — this is all that remains from the Old Cathedral.

I remember that about 10 years ago Vyborg was in a rather sad condition. In other words, medieval monuments and historical sights needed restoration and maintenance.

So this time I was glad to see that the city is no more neglected. Yes, I noticed some spider’s web on the statue of Torgils Knutsson, the founder of Vyborg. However, I admit that local authorities are putting the city in order.

3. Market Square and the Round Tower

Market Square still houses a market. From early morning, sellers offer tourists local souvenirs: copper tableware, linen bags with the prints of local sights, magnets, postcards, etc. Head to the roofed Market Hall if you need to buy some food.

The Round Tower (which was built in 1550) is a historical monument as it used to be a part of an ancient fortress. Nowadays the Tower houses a restaurant.

Round Tower in Vyborg
Round Tower at Market Square in Vyborg

4. Old Town

From the 1st sight, this historical part of the city is not so large. However, I spent half of the day there (and could easily spend much more). I’d advise to roam aimlessly along those cobblestone streets and to discover green yards, medieval buildings, old mansions, and quiet embankments.

Though Vyborg is a big city, I can’t say at all that it’s crowded. On the contrary, compared to St. Petersburg, it is so calm and peaceful!

No doubt, you’ll take pleasure to examine the classical Church of St. Peters and Paul, the monument to Mikael Agricola, gothic St. Hyacinth’s Church, stone XVIth-century noble’s house… And you’ll certainly fall in love with this yellow old-style tram (which is now a coffee shop).

Embankment in the centre of Vyborg
The central part of Vyborg. View from the Vyborg Castle.

5. Park Monrepos

Once again: this is a must-see place in Vyborg. Don’t miss it!

There are no coffee shops or restaurants in the park (except one tiny kiosk with ice cream and mineral water). So before going to the park, think of buying some treats for going on a picnic on the shore of the bay of Monrepos.

You can get to Monrepos by car or by bus. I went on foot because the weather was excellent. It took me about 20 minutes to get to the park from Vyborg Castle. Furthermore, along the way, I discovered some more pretty spots. For example, I passed through Annenkrone, an early 18th-century fortification, and admired railroad tracks paved among the rocks.

Peaceful green paths of the park Monrepos in Vyborg, Russia
Peaceful green paths of the park Monrepos
 Church of St Hyacinth, one of the oldest buildings in Vyborg
Church of St Hyacinth, one of the oldest buildings in Vyborg (16th century)

IMPORTANT! Vyborg has many cobblestone streets. Thus, think of comfortable shoes for walking there. No heels, for your own sake!

Summer is a great season for visiting Vyborg
Church of St. Peter and Paul


Discover amazing buildings

Walking through the city, I found myself thinking that Vyborg is extremely photogenic. I wanted to examine almost every house because they are truly worth attention.

For instance, the buildings of the Old town attract by their shabby pomposity: bay window, arches, balconies, stucco decorations. Not far from there we find pure shapes of functionalism: like Alvar Alto Library, beautiful in its simplicity. Or classical Church of St. Peter and Paul. Surprisingly, this mix of architectural styles looks very harmonious.

Alvar Aalto Library in Vyborg: the beauty of straight lines
Alvar Aalto Library in Vyborg: the beauty of straight lines

Go for a stroll in the park Monrepos

By the way, translated from French, “Mon Repos” means “My Rest”. And indeed, it’s a wonderful place for a good relaxing walk. Monrepos is recognized as one of the most beautiful European parks. Rocks, pines, elegant pavilions, the shore of the bay look as picturesque in summer as in winter.

Monrepos occupies about 180 hectares of land so consider spending at least 3-4 hours seeing the most popular sights.

Park Monrepos is recognized as one of the most beautiful European parks
Park Monrepos is recognized to be one of the most beautiful European parks

Peek at the magnificent medieval monuments

The foundation of Vyborg dates back to the XII century. The city’s main historical attraction is the Vyborg Castle with the Tower of St. Olaf. Fortunately, we can visit this robust medieval fortress. It stands on an island, and all the views are breathtaking: views on the castle and views from the castle too.

Taste Vyborg’s pretzel (Viipurinrinkeli)

Vyborg’s pretzel is the appetizing symbol of the city. Legends say that the recipe of the pretzel dates back to the XV century and was invented by the Franciscans. You’ll find pretzels in local cafes and bakeries. I prefer salty pretzels with cumin but you can opt for a sweet one — with poppy seeds or cinnamon.

I found the best pretzels in the gourmet shop “Wiborg” on Krepostnaya Street. The shop offers food made in Vyborg: famous pretzels, homemade cheese, cider, honey, meat specialities, and other extremely tasty treats.

Besides, as the pretzels are rather dry, they are a great souvenir to bring from Vyborg to your friends.


  • Take a coffee in the small picturesque coffeeshop Krendel in the historical centre of Vyborg.
    Address: 3, Severny Val Street
  • Try Russian food in Taverna: meatballs with juniper, Karelian pies, hearty soup served in a loaf of bread, bliny (pancakes) with all kinds of sweet jams.
    Address: 3, Krepostnaya Street
  • Head to Creep Pub for a cheerful mood, good steaks, extraordinary soups and a wide variety of beer.
    Address: 9, Moskovsky Prospect
An old tram is now a tiny cafe where you can buy a cup of coffee
An old tram is now a tiny cafe where you can buy a cup of coffee


IMPORTANT : Since March 2022, Booking, Agoda and Hostelworld do not allow booking accommodations in Russia. Instead of them, I recommend you to use Bronevik.com or Ostrovok.com. These services are less known, but they are reliable and have a good selection of accommodations.

Though we can see the main Vyborg’s sights in 1 day, you may want to extend your stay in the city. Exploring more includes visiting the Hermitage-Vyborg Exhibition Center, strolling along endless embankments or going for a cruise on the Saimaa Canal.

If you decide to stay in Vyborg, here are some great hotels:

  • Hotel Vyborg. Perfect location in the centre of the city. That is to say, that must-see places, railway stations, shops, restaurants — everything is located nearby.
  • Hotel Atlantik. Good-quality hotel in the historical centre of the city. Close to Vyborg’s Castle, Peter and Paul Cathedral, Petrovsky park, old cobblestone streets full of restaurants and coffee shops.
  • Hotel Druzhba. Close to all the sights, this hotel is located on the coast of Vyborg Bay. Hotel guests usually appreciate reasonable prices, nice breakfasts and pretty view on the picturesque Vyborg’s landscapes.


Take the morning express train from Finland railway station in St Petersburg which leaves at 8 a.m. If you realize that you’ll have no chance to visit Vyborg once again, stay for 2 days. We, St. Petersburg’s inhabitants, usually come to Vyborg for 1 day and then go back home by the last suburban train.

Make sure your camera and phone batteries are fully charged — I don’t doubt that you’ll take gigabytes of photographs.

I can’t say Vyborg is expensive. For example, admission tickets to local museums will cost you 3-8 USD, a Vyborg’s pretzel — 2USD, a room in a hotel can be found for 50USD, round trip tickets from St. Petersburg and back — 16 USD.

After all, many say that the most European Russian city is St. Petersburg. As to me, if judging on appearance, Vyborg has the most European look. That’s not surprising because for centuries Vyborg belonged to Finland and Sweden. That is to say, if you like old-style European landscapes, Vyborg is a great place to visit in Russia.