EURO 2020 In Saint Petersburg, Russia

EURO 2020 Stadium in Saint Petersburg, Russia

EURO 2020 is over — and we congratulate Italy, the new European champion.

Take a look at what was happening in Saint Petersburg during the tournament: EURO 2020 in Saint Petersburg: How It Was

In summer 2021 Saint Petersburg will host seven matches of EURO 2020. All fans of European football are welcome to follow EURO 2020 in Russia!

As you probably know, all big football events are not just about sport. They also include a variety of activities so that we could enjoy the tournaments in a better way. 

Let’s see what’s waiting for us in summer 2020 in St Petersburg.

What Is EURO 2020?

For the first time in its history, the European Football Championship will be held in more than one or even two countries. Matches will be hosted by 11 cities in different countries: Rome, Saint Petersburg, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Bucharest, London, Glasgow, Munich, Baku, and Budapest. 

EURO 2020 matches start on the 11th of June and finish on the 11th of July 2021. 

‘Stadio Olimpico’ in Rome will host the opening match of EURO 2020. Semi-finals and the final will be played at legendary London’s ‘Wembley’. London and Saint Petersburg will host the most number of matches — 7 matches in each of the cities.

Match Schedule of EURO 2020

Rome, “Olimpico”
June 11 – Turkey – Italy (21:00 CET)
June 16 – Italy – Switzerland (21:00 CET)
June 20 – Italy – Wales (18:00 CET)
July 3 – Quarterfinals W43 – W44 (21:00 CET)

Baku, “Olympic”
June 12 – Wales – Switzerland (15:00 CET)
June 16 – Turkey – Wales (18:00 CET)
June 20 – Switzerland – Turkey (18:00 CET)
July 3 – Quarterfinals W40 – W38 (18:00 CET)

• Saint Petersburg, “Saint Petersburg”
June 12 – Belgium – ​​Russia (21:00 CET)
June 14 – Poland – Slovakia (18:00 CET)
June 16 – Finland – Russia (15:00 CET)
June 18 – Sweden – Slovakia (15:00 CET)
June 21 – Finland – Belgium (21:00 CET)
June 23 – Sweden – Poland (18:00 CET)
July 2 – Quarterfinals W41 – W42 (18:00 CET)

Copenhagen, “Parken”
June 12 – Denmark – Finland (18:00 CET)
June 17 – Denmark – Belgium (18:00 CET)
June 21 – Russia – Denmark (21:00 CET)
June 28 – 1/8 finals 2D – 2E (18:00 CET)

Amsterdam, “Johan Cruyff Arena”
June 13 – Netherlands – Ukraine (21:00 CET)
June 17 – Netherlands – Austria (21:00 CET)
June 21 – North Macedonia – Netherlands (18:00 CET)
June 26 – 1/8 finals 2A – 2B (18:00 CET)

• Bucharest, “Arena National”
June 13 – Austria – North Macedonia (18:00 CET)
June 17 – Ukraine – North Macedonia (15:00 CET)
June 21 – Ukraine – Austria (18:00 CET)
June 28 – 1/8 finals 1F – 3A / B / C (21:00 CET)

• London, Wembley
June 13 – England – Croatia (15:00 CET)
June 18 – England – Scotland (21:00 CET)
June 22 – Czech Republic – England (21:00 CET)
June 26 – 1/8 finals 1A – 2C (21:00 CET)
June 29 – 1/8 finals 1D – 2F (18:00 CET)
July 6 – Semi-final W46 – Wob45 (21:00 CET)
July 7 – Semi-final W48 – Wob47 (21:00 CET)
July 11 – Final W49 – W50 (21:00 CET)

• Glasgow, Hampden Park
June 14 – Scotland – Czech Republic (15:00 CET)
June 18 – Croatia – Czech Republic (18:00 CET)
June 22 – Croatia – Scotland (21:00 CET)
June 29 – 1/8 finals (1E – 3A / B / C / D) (21:00 CET)

• Seville, “La Cartuja”
June 14 – Spain – Sweden (21:00 CET)
June 19 – Spain – Poland (21:00 CET)
June 23 – Slovakia – Spain (18:00 CET)
June 27 – 1/8 finals 1B – 3A / D / E / F (21:00 CET)

• Munich, “Arena Munich”
June 15 – France – Germany (21:00 CET)
June 19 – Portugal – Germany (18:00 CET)
June 23 – Germany – Hungary (21:00 CET)
July 2 – Quarterfinals W39 – Wob37 (21:00 CET)

• Budapest, “Puskas Arena”
June 15 – Hungary – Portugal (18:00 CET)
June 19 – Hungary – France (15:00 CET)
June 23 – Portugal – France (21:00 CET)
June 27 – 1/8 finals 1C – 3D / E / F (18:00 CET)

Buy tickets and get more info at the official UEFA EURO 2020 site 

Fans of the UEFA EURO 2020 will be able to come to Russia with a personalized Fan ID card with NO VISA.

EURO 2020 In St Petersburg: Krestovsky Stadium And How To Get There

Krestovsky Stadium in Saint Petersburg Russia

St Petersburg is the only Russian city that will host EURO 2020 games. More precisely, 7 matches of the tournament will be held in the city on the Neva:

  • June 12 – Belgium v ​​Russia (21:00 CET)
  • June 14 – Poland v Slovakia (18:00 CET)
  • June 16 – Finland v Russia (15:00 CET)
  • June 18 – Sweden v Slovakia (15:00 CET)
  • June 21 – Finland v Belgium (21:00 CET)
  • June 23 – Sweden v Poland (18:00 CET)
  • July 2 – Quarterfinals W41 – W42 (18:00 CET)

All matches in St Petersburg will be held on Krestovsky Stadium, also known as Gazprom Arena and Stadium Saint Petersburg (yes, it is easy to be confused because the stadium changed its name several times). The stadium is situated in the picturesque Krestovsky park, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. The nearest metro stations are Krestovsky Ostrov and Zenit. Pay attention: metro stations are about 2 km from the stadium. You will have to walk for 20-25 min to get to the stadium from the metro station.

Krestovsky Stadium opened in the spring of 2017. The project of the stadium was made by Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa, and it’s called ‘The Spaceship’.

I prefer to walk to the stadium from the metro station Krestovsky Ostrov. It is situated at the entry to Krestovsky Park. On the match days, the park is full of fans who joyfully head to the stadium. Do not be afraid to get lost: EURO 2020 volunteers will show you the way.

Just imagine: you exit Krestovsky Ostrov metro station and you enter a big park. You slowly walk down a wide alley and enjoy the sweet smell of blooming lindens. You pass by fountains and ponds. And then you suddenly stumble upon a huge spaceship right in front of you! 

After that, you pass the gates of the stadium, go up the stairs… and enjoy another breathtaking view: the Gulf of Finland. Well, it’s better to see once than hear one hundred times!

In 2018 Krestovsky Stadium hosted the World Cup matches. I hope everyone who visited St Petersburg during that time, enjoyed the city and the stadium too.

You will certainly have free time in Saint Petersburg and may want to explore the city. Check the post about must-see places in Saint Petersburg to know more about the city’s landmarks.

What Is FAN ID And How To Get It

FAN ID is a mandatory document for all the visitors of the matches in St Petersburg. FAN ID allows the spectators to come to Russia visa-free. Besides, FAN ID gives you access to the stadium. Do not forget: you will need both — your ticket and your FAN ID — to get to the stadium in St Petersburg.

FAN ID is a plastic card with your photo and name on it. It is free and is valid for all matches in St Petersburg.

How To Get a FAN ID

  • Submit an application for FAN ID on the official registration site. To fill in the application, you will need your identity document, a digital photo and your ticket(s) number. If everything is right, you will receive an SMS/ e-mail that your application has been accepted.
  • As soon as your FAN ID is ready, you will receive a notification. You can choose the type of delivery ( by post or in a FAN ID Distribution Centre). All necessary information will be displayed in your registration account.
  • Collect your FAN ID and bring it with you when you attend matches in St Petersburg.

Check other FAQ about FAN IDs here

Keep in mind: on match days, your FAN ID will allow you to take metro and suburban trains for free. You will have to present your FAN ID and the match ticket to the ticket checkers.

Cultural Program During EURO 2020 In St Petersburg

Krestovsky Stadium in St Petersburg after one of the matches of World Cup 2018

EURO 2020 is not only about sport. During the tournament, there will be a special entertainment program — the UEFA Festival. As stated on the site of EURO 2020, ‘the UEFA Festival in St. Petersburg is 31 days of fun, art, culture, music and most importantly — football!’

In 2021, St Petersburg will have 2 fan zones:

  • Firstly, there will be Football Village in Konyushennaya Square. This is an open-air square where fans will have the opportunity to watch all the matches of EURO 2020 live.
  • Secondly, there’ll be a Fan Zone on Palace Square, the main square of St Petersburg.

• Football Village On Konyushennaya Square

Address: Konyushennaya Square (nearest metro stations — Nevsky Prospect, Gostinny Dvor)
Entrance — free

Opening dates: each day from June 11 to July 11

Football fan zone in Saint Petersburg Russia
Fan Zone on Konushennaya Square during World Cup 2018

From June 11 to July 11, all football fans are welcome to the Football Village. The Village will be situated in the historical centre of St Petersburg — on Konyushennaya Square. This is where we’ll be able to watch all the matches of EURO 2020 on a large screen. 

The entrance to Football Village will be free. Pay attention, that for entering the Village, people have to go through security checkpoints. During the World Cup 2018, it was forbidden to bring alcohol and glass bottles to the Football Village. I suppose that the same requirements will be applied during EURO 2020.

But don’t be afraid to get thirsty or hungry while watching football on Konyushennaya Square. Local open-air cafes will offer you a variety of food and drinks. Water, tea, beer, French fries, hot dogs, blini, ice cream — there’ll be plenty of tasty food for adults and children.

If you want to watch one of the games at Football Village, come to the Football Village in advance. Konyushennaya Square can accommodate a restricted number of visitors. Thus, from time to time it can be closed for entrance — to avoid excessive crowding.

Entertainment program of Football Village will include:

  • Concerts and performances
  • Entertainment program for children and adults
  • Competitions, contests and other football-related events
  • Football on the big screen: live broadcasting of all matches of EURO 2020.

• Fan Zone On Palace Square

Address: Palace Square (nearest metro stations — Nevsky Prospect, Gostinny Dvor, Admiralteyskaya)
Entrance — free

Opening dates: quarter-final, 1/2-final and final match days:
July 2 and 3 from 16:00 to 23:45
6, 7 and 11 July from 19:00 to 23:45

EURO 2020 Fan Zone will be located on the most spectacular square of St Petersburg — Palace Square. As for me, this is the most gorgeous place for watching football! 

Organizers of Fan Zone estimate up to 25 000 fans to come to the square each day! That is not surprising as the festive atmosphere and giant screens will take place in the typical St Petersburg scenery: palaces, monuments, and embankments.

By the way, do you know that the whole historical centre of St Petersburg is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list? Beauty, history, and football — what a great mix it will be! 🙂

Reasons to visit Fan Zone:

  • Fan Zone is an ideal place to watch the EURO 2020 match on a giant screen in the company of thousands of football fans.
  • An opportunity to taste drinks and dishes of Russian cuisine.
  • Football exhibition.

If you have never tried to watch football in the company of hundreds of other fans, I highly advise you to experience it, at least once. This is not at all similar to watching football at home and even in a bar. It is another level of fun and emotions!

Wearing masks in public places is mandatory in St Petersburg. Do not forget to wear yours while attending EURO 2020 events.

Visa-Free Entry To Russia For EURO 2020 Ticket Holders

Fans of the UEFA 2020 ( tickets holders for matches in St Petersburg) will be able to come to Russia with a personalized Fan ID card with no Russian visa.

The same entry system was applied for foreign citizens during the World Cup 2018. The person who bought a ticket for one of the matches received a fan passport — Fan ID. FAN ID practically replaced visa.

By the way, such a FAN ID scheme has never been previously applied, never and nowhere until the Russian World Cup 2018.

Fortunately, the FAN ID system turned out to be effective. Indeed, thousands of fans could avoid visa-related hassles and travel to Russia freely.

Thus, all you need for coming to Russia this summer is to buy a ticket for one of the EURO 2020 games in St Petersburg, receive a FAN ID and book tickets to St Petersburg!

How Long Can Fans Stay In Russia Visa-Free?

Football fans from other countries will have a visa-free regime for entering Russia two weeks before the first UEFA Euro 2020 match, until the day of the last match in St Petersburg. Thus, all FAN ID holders will be able to enter Russia with no Russian visa from May 29 to July 2.

Foreign citizens and stateless persons must have a medical document (in Russian or English) confirming a negative COVID-19 PCR test of material collected not earlier than 3 calendar days of the day of their arrival in the Russian Federation.

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